Devangi Dalal, along with equally motivated professionals, formed an NGO, called JOSH Foundation – Juvenile Organization of Speech and Hearing in 2004 with the purpose of eliminating hearing impairment, their motto being “Hearing Handicap No longer a Handicap” With these efforts, they have, successfully provided 1000+ pairs of digital hearing aids to children of these schools.

The organization endeavors to facilitate the following


  • Create awareness in society about early detection of hearing disabilities, and usage of proper hearing aids
  • Hearing impaired children can be integrated into normal schools, and society as a normal child, with early detection and proper rehabilitation
  • Importance of neonatal screening and equipments available for the same.


  • Provide the latest technology developments and counseling for parents and children
  • Educational and job opportunities for hearing impaired children
  • Provide counseling for parents and children.

Other social activities in the field of hearing impaired children

Devangi not only worked as an audiologist, but also did her own study in the field. As per the statistics, she found that 1 out of every 1000 person is suffering from Hearing Impairment (having severe to profound hearing loss) in India. Out of this, almost 60% of them are children. But unfortunately, it is also being observed that these children are isolated from society, and they use only gestural language for communication.

It was also disheartening for Devangi to note that a majority of schools for the deaf and dumb, cater to only those who are hard of hearing, use more of gesture language as compared to the studies and number of cases shows that a person can speak normally only if he or she could hear with proper diagnosis, proper digital hearing aid and proper rehabilitation.

With this understanding and background in mind, Devangi Dalal decided to work for these children; who, despite being detected with hearing loss, cannot afford good hearing aids, are unaware about the technology, and lack proper rehabilitation.

Devangi Dalal, in her personal capacity, did following activities for hearing impaired children along with Josh foundation.

She supported number of schools with students having hearing problems. Few of these schools are

  • Lions shivaji Park School
  • Sadhana Vidhyalay for the deaf
  • Disha Karnabadhir Vidyalaya
  • Smt.Tapiben mohanlal R Mehta Bahera-Amreli
  • Dhwani School –Bharuch
  • Mulund Rotary school for the deaf
  • Rotary Sanskardham charitable trust
  • Rochiram Thadani School
  • KDN Shruti School
  • Vikas Vidhyalaya for the deaf
  • Pragati vidyalaya for the deaf
  • Utkarsh Mandal

Devangi, on her personal capacity supports this school, where they carry regular check up of these children, raise funds along with the schools and fit the hearing aids to these children.

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