Approach to Government

One in every thousand are born deaf and many more with Hearing issues. While in most of the patients attended by the audiologist and the ENT surgeon, it is found that the patient had this issue since birth. Many parents don’t even reaIise at the earliest that their child is suffering from hearing issue due to number of reason. This hampers child growth affecting his studies. Lack of hearing leads to lack of concentration and hence affecting his growth in studies and also his social life gets affected leading to isolation. Many grow old and start living with their disability to hear and have issues professionally and personally.

The only method to accurately diagnose a hearing loss is a test which can measure hearing independent of child’s response i.e objective testing. In western countries hearing loss of a severe degree is diagnosed accurately in 98 % of children as compared to less than 20 % in India. This reflects lack of awareness.

My appeal to the government is to take the hearing issues more seriously and make tests compulsory in our country, because of that in few western countries by detecting the issue early they are able to reduce hearing handicap by 20-40 percentile. “According to the research 80 countries of the world has their own pediatric protocol for the hearing impaired children that includes USA, UK, Canada since 2005.”

We need to make Otoacoustic Emissions tests also called as OAEs test compulsory for every new born. This will help us find the issue and help us diagnose them making a bright future for them and the country.

In this test, a miniature earphone and microphone are placed in the ear, sounds are played and a response is measured. If a baby hears normally, an echo is reflected back into the ear canal and is measured by the microphone. When a baby has a hearing loss, no echo can be measured on the OAE test.

This tests are accurate in nature and can help us to solve the hearing issues and eradicate hearing disability from the society.

My Vision

To establish a State-of-the-Art center to teach public speaking and voice modulation to the hearing impaired, and give them specialized voice and speech therapy, to help integrate them in society.

To set-up an Audio Testing website which can be popularize through FM Radios and create awareness at a mass level.

To organize Reality show on National TV network – to bring out hidden talent of hearing impaired children and also to show the world, what these children can do if proper aids and training are provided to them.